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Use our own specialty grade coffee we roast and use in-house at Amber and Joe. Incorporating Amber and Joe coffee into your cafe, you can enhance your brand's appeal and contribute to increased coffee sales.

Design a unique coffee blend tailored to align with your brand's values and cater to your customers' preferences using our specialty green coffee. Select single-origin options from a diverse range to suit your budget and requirements.

Our services


Get access to our product portfolio, from Kombucha and cold brew to our individual brewing sachets for home use.


Get help on setting up your own bar from scratch, selecting reliable equipment, creating a tasty menu and maximize your bar efficiency.


Schedule your preventive maintenance and monthly deep cleaning of your equipment to avoid downtime or poor beverage quality.

Quality controls

Monitor your store's performance with our scheduled visits and evaluate different key indicators, like beverage quality or staff performance.


Develop your team's skills and upgrade the level of your customer's experience by participating our trainings, depending on your needs.

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